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Boulle  adopts lost natural pieces of wood art and finds them new homes, introducing them as one-of-a-kind, sophisticated contemporary furniture pieces while maintaining the highest quality standard, never compromising our respect for the environment.

Our lead designer is Mother Nature.  All pieces used are trees and roots that naturally lost their place in the circle of life.  The human participation begins by saving what many would consider dead trees and roots in the woods, rivers and dams of Brazil.  We salvage the wood and continue the circulation by giving the pieces the small touches of life that they need to be desired in new homes.

Boulle comes from a longstanding concept company in Brazil founded in 2000 and broadens the innovation of the interior design and furniture market. We are against deforestation and proud to exercise an environmentally friendly philosophy when gathering its pieces.  Today being environmentally conscious and appreciating art is a beneficial and growing trend.  Boulle brings the beauty of nature into homes and businesses while never posing harm to its natural order.

Once a dream, Boulle is now a reality. We are proud to introduce our celebration of natural wood with its own identity to the international market! Boulle finds great satisfaction in raising awareness of the importance of eco-friendly furnishings while protecting the environment.

Móveis Boulle nos Estados Unidos

Our Products

  • LUG Fireplace

    LUG Fireplace 22cm Diameter X 15cm Height Heats up to 18m², 600 ml of alcohol lasts for 2 hours This fireplace represented the Brazilian Design at the Rio Olympics in 2016 It was exposed in Milano, Italy at the Design Fair in 2017

  • Peroba Rosa coffee table with fireplace

    Coffee table with fireplace Wood: Peroba Rosa Heats 45m² Project by NP Architecture  

  • Coffee table fireplace

    Coffee table fireplace Wood: Imbuia Heats 45m² Project by NP Architecture Photo by: Gerson Lima  

  • Fuzilli Wall Hangers

    Fuzilei Wall Hangers Hand made with Imbuia wood. Kit with 3  hangers, different sizes.

  • Agua Branca Dining Table

    Dining table made with Tarumã tree trunk, this feedstock is a leftover from a burnt, and then it was submerged in a river in the state of Parana, Brazil.  

  • Itauba trunk Fireplace

    lareira para area externa

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  • Testimonial Daniela Sumida
    Daniela Sumida, Architect

    "There is such an exclusive design from Boulle's furniture, that just enrich my projects with sophistication."

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  • Testimonial Jocymara Nicolau & Andrea Posonski
    Jocymara Nicolau & Andrea Posonski, Architects

    The name Boulle – Móveis de Fundamento , tells a lot about the company and their products. It is clearly that all their pieces made with solid wood, from all over Brazil, were from a…

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  • Depoimento Elisa Mielke
    Elisa Mielke, Architet

    When I first met Boulle, I fell in love right away for many reasons. For its existing and for the product. I love tree roots, and to bring fallen trees to the inside of  the…

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  • Depoimento Cristiane Costa Maciel e Sony Luczyszyn
    Cristiane Costa Maciel e Sony Luczyszyn, Architets

    Unique and exclusive! They’re Always respecting the nature. All the raw material that Boulle uses, where once pieces of no value for the man, and it is amazing what they can do with it!

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  • Depoimento Viviane Tabalipa
    Viviane Tabalipa, Architet

    Me and my husband Carlos Canto, when we have the opportunity to go visit our friend Ugo at Boulle, we don’t hesitate. In addition to appreciate  the News of the  store, which by the way…

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  • Depoimento Rafael Carvalho & Fernando Schwertner
    Rafael Carvalho & Fernando Schwertner, AU Architetcture

    Besides having handicrafts of extreme quality, Boulle is noted for its exquisite service, making shopping into a pleasant moment, not only for the acquisition of a particular object of desire but for the relationship that…

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  • Depoimento Luiz Maganhoto e Daniel Casagrande
    Luiz Maganhoto & Daniel Casagrande, Architect & Designer

    Boulle: Family business, where the transformation of wood into art are carefully carved by hand. The reuse of wood found in nature makes Boulle an example of sustainability. In addition to caring the famous breakfast…

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  • Depoimento Dalton Vidotti
    Dalton Vidotti, Architect

    The sophistication, rusticity and originality of the furniture of Boulle, which makes its one of kind furniture – It is always a great option to compose an environment. The pleasurable gold in the shop, which…

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Every Satudarday betwen 9:00am to 12:00pm Boulle offers a special breakfast at the Santa Felicidade showroom, everything is home made by the Chef Juslaine Guttierrez. In order to gather friends and customers to enjoy the breakfast in a unique environment in Curitiba to see the News of the store. The VIPS clients have they’re own personalized mugs with their names, do you already have yours?

Café da manhã
Café da manhã
Café da manhã
Café da manhã