"There is such an exclusive design from Boulle's furniture, that just enrich my projects with sophistication."

Daniela Sumida, Architect

The name Boulle – Móveis de Fundamento , tells a lot about the company and their products.

It is clearly that all their pieces made with solid wood, from all over Brazil, were from a very specific search since from the feedstock, and after the touch of the skilled hands of the craftsman master pieces will be created, without losing the organic characteristic, will be the perfect part of the decorations.  André-Charles Boulle (11 November 1642 – 28 February 1732) was the French cabinetmaker who is generally considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry, even "the most remarkable of all French cabinetmakers


That really translates the “Boulle” way of working, where the care with the product and with the customer, are always the highiest level of dedication and quality.

One piece of Boulle’s Furniture, makes us feel emotion, trough the perception of the natural beauty, the rusticity and the time marked on the natural wood.

We want love in our projects, we want Boulle!

Jocymara Nicolau & Andrea Posonski, Architects

When I first met Boulle, I fell in love right away for many reasons. For its existing and for the product. I love tree roots, and to bring fallen trees to the inside of  the houses, to reuse that raw material it is just FANTASTIC! There is no excuses not to fall in love with Boulle, there is no way not to use they’re furnitures in my projects. It is impossible not want it and not  to love it!!!!

Elisa Mielke, Architet

Unique and exclusive! They’re Always respecting the nature. All the raw material that Boulle uses, where once pieces of no value for the man, and it is amazing what they can do with it!

Cristiane Costa Maciel e Sony Luczyszyn, Architets

Me and my husband Carlos Canto, when we have the opportunity to go visit our friend Ugo at Boulle, we don’t hesitate. In addition to appreciate  the News of the  store, which by the way are  wonderful pieces, we are always very well welcomed with the tasty breakfast on Saturdays. A great company !!!

Viviane Tabalipa, Architet

Besides having handicrafts of extreme quality, Boulle is noted for its exquisite service, making shopping into a pleasant moment, not only for the acquisition of a particular object of desire but for the relationship that Boulle team have with their customers.

Rafael Carvalho & Fernando Schwertner, AU Architetcture

Boulle: Family business, where the transformation of wood into art are carefully carved by hand. The reuse of wood found in nature makes Boulle an example of sustainability. In addition to caring the famous breakfast on Saturdays and the love of care. This is our tip for you, visit this beautiful Boulle family !!!!!

Luiz Maganhoto & Daniel Casagrande, Architect & Designer

The sophistication, rusticity and originality of the furniture of Boulle, which makes its one of kind furniture – It is always a great option to compose an environment. The pleasurable gold in the shop, which has a large variety of different items such as roots, stumps, antique furniture - very inspiring pieces – l always found what I want for my projects. And when I need something very specific, I order, with the certainty of great success with it in the end. In developing the store design, Boulle, the biggest challenge was designing it respecting these qualities and its origin. I design the prject for Boulle and he result for me was very rewasrding!

Dalton Vidotti, Architect