• Ugo Guttierrez Neto

    Ugo Neto always showed an ability to work with wood, his career started on his childhood, with wood slots and remodeling antique furnitures, but that wasn't what he was really looking for, so he decided to create Art Furnitures, only with recycled feedstock. His passion is for tree roots, where it requires a very critical perception. This kind of labor stills very complicated, there no such machines and tools in the market that could replace the man hand. All his pieces are handmade and one of a kind.  

  • Leonardo R. Sokolovicz

    Leonardo Sokolovicz uses techniques and professional tools to create one of a kind furnitures and pieces of art. Every single piece express the beauty of the brazilian wood, always respecting it's originality caused by the natures effects. Every feedstock that Leonardo uses are from recycled products. Leonardo Sokolovicz won in the first place the national tournament of  Woodwork in 2013 in Pomerode - SC, Brazil.  

  • Cleto João Stival

    The love for wood was always alive in Cleto's life, his father and his grandfather were carpenters. His parents really tried to keep him away os sculping in wood pencils using razor blades during his childhood. That passion was temporarily transformed into Hobby, and his work was always a target of positive feedbacks, increasing this way his will to make more and more pieces of art.  

  • Rafael Sartori

    Rafael Sartori always had the fascination for everything related to biology and natural science, with that in mind, his professional and artistic decisions were made about it. Sartori expresses his work through very strikin lines and well definied, resulting this way, nothing but the best pieces of art. His speciality is: Iron, Steel, Copper, aluminium and Stones.    


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